How to Monetize SoundCloud | 3 Ways to do it

    How to Monetize SoundCloud

    Music has always been our best and the first entertainer. It is the first distraction we often turn to whenever we are happy or sad. In this article, we are going to talk about music available on SoundCloud and the ways through which you can monetize SoundCloud.

    Music transports us to the magical world of our imagination, where everything is as fine as in reality. Right from soulful Sufi to the enchanting English music, it all occupies a huge chunk of our lives. 

    So, with time, the way we access or keep possession of our music has changed. There were huge gramophones, in the beginning, then there were massive transistors, radios, after that, in the last decade, there were walkmen till we reached the present times.

    Now, enjoying your favorite melodies and carrying music with you is as hassle-free as it gets. We have applications like Saavan, Spotify, Youtube Music, etc. which allow us to enjoy millions of songs, providing huge benefits free of cost, and downloads, and access without the internet, by paying a small sum.

    Apart from all this, some of these benefits you by allowing you to showcase your creations and get rich!!! And you can do it all by learning ways to monetize SoundCloud.

    What is so Special About SoundCloud?

    Soundcloud is another platform where you can access music on the go. It first came out in 2008, is based in Germany. There exists a full-blown version of the same, complete with system and mobile apps. The one feature that sets it apart from its arch-rivals is that it allows you access to a licensed collection of absolutely fantastic melodies.

    You can listen to a vast collection of songs, download them, create your playlists, etc. Then there are advantages of a secure and user-friendly interface.

    Visit the official website here.

    It Has Two Variants

    • SoundCloud Go+
    • SoundCloud pro 

    The former one offers additional/extra services offline mode, less or no advertises, which are majorly sought-out these days. You can be a proud owner of these if you’re willing to pay 10 dollars per month.


    The latter provides some fascinating benefits like unlimited listening, up to 5 hours of audio track uploading facility, early access to exclusive music, and other services of that sort.

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    As some of you might have heard, Soundcloud has come out with its much-awaited beta feature, which was?

    You can now use it as a platform to have some dimes to your credit, along with showcasing your creative and musically fantabulous side to a broad audience. What could be better than this?

    But this gives rise to another question.How can you monetize SoundCloud?How can you get money credited to your account along with showing people what talent you’ve got? Allow me to clear your doubts. 

    Steps to Monetize SoundCloud 

    So, If you are an artist, whether an established one, wanting to expand his scope or a budding one who is just beginning to get his feet wet in this field, and is short on funds, this particular article can work wonders for you. So let us not wait anymore and see how you can monetize SoundCloud.

    Put Your Music on Sale

    As un-conventional this one method is, it can earn you immense benefits. That is why I’ve kept it on top of the list of ways monetize SoundCloud

    Huge can’t cover even half of it. Some websites allow you to put your products on sale. One such site goes by the name Sellfy, so after you place your music up there, you can copy-paste the link on your Soundcloud.

    Put Your Music on Sale
    Put Your Music on Sale

    There is no restriction, no extra pennies to pay, as simple as it could be. All it requires is for you to sign up with them and upload whatever you want to sell-off. That’s it.

    Go to the official website of any site you want to use apart from this, sign yourselves up with them, upload what you wish to sell, hitting the publish button afterward.

    Complete the process by adding methods of paying for them.

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    Where to Post the URL on SoundCloud?

    You can get the URL of whichever site you’re using for selling purposes and stick it in various portions of your SoundCloud like:

    • Bio of your SoundCloud: This can help attract people who may be interested in hiring you and may visit your profile, So it, in a way, acts as an artist’s LinkedIn. Just go to the option that allows you to edit your profile’s description.
    • Paste the URL that you previously copied (do it if you haven’t), and that is one way of how you can monetize SoundCloud. Boom!
    • Along with your song: Ok, so has it happened to you that you’re just looking at some shopping website, liked something, and was instantly tempted in buying it? Yes?’
    • That is what we expect here, when a user will listen to your melody, will like it, and then will see the link to buying it, increases the chances that he’ll end up doing it.
    • Just go to the part where you can add something that describes the song, as paste the URL over there. Let’s proceed to the next step on how to monetize SoundCloud.
    URL on SoundCloud
    URL on SoundCloud
    • The “Buy” button: You must have noticed there is a buy now button on all buying/selling websites. That is there for quick access. You can get it on SoundCloud by paying some cash.
    • You can accommodate these to real stuff by edit feature or hitting the option labeled as metadata(data about data), you can also select from among various other options available over there.

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    Using SoundCloud’s Much-talked About Feature

    Ok, so this is the mainstream feature that allows you to earn a good fortune, and this tells you how to monetize SoundCloud. Using the app is pretty easy. You have to have a Go+ or pro membership and be a legit artist. Let us take a look:

    • Just select song/songs you wish to monetize. Hit the edit option.
    • There will be a button to let monetize your songs, click it to enable the option.
    • Enter other details that you deem significant, click to save/commit the alterations.

    Alternate Options 

    Alternate ways of how to monetize SoundCloud to earn money using it are:

    It may help your cause if you keep liking, promoting, or reposting the other artist’s stuff. In this way, they most likely to do the same for you. This way, you can reach out to more people, which increases your chances of earning money.


    It brings us towards the end of today’s topic as well. This musical app can be pretty helpful to a lot of you out there. So you can use this article as your guidepost for learning different methods to monetize SoundCloud.