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Vimeo is a professional social media website where users share videos and is an ad-free video platform. Although there is free service available, you can always upgrade to Pro, Plus, or Premium. You can upload your favorite videos on this platform to cheer up your followers with something hilarious or exciting! But sometimes, you might to view it on your convenience and that’s where our free Vimeo Video Downloader tool comes to use!

How to Convert Vimeo Videos To Mp4 Online & Download?

It is extremely simple to use the Vimeo Video Downloader which allows you to watch the vast array of videos on Vimeo on your device, offline!

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You have to follow the below steps to convert Vimeo videos to mp4 and download it instantly:

  1. Go to the Vimeo video you want to download.
  2. Copy its URL and paste in the Vimeo Video Downloader’s “Enter URL” box.
  3. Hit ‘Download’ and wait until it completes.
  4. Share Vimeo Video Downloader to your friends!

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Generally Asked Questions

Can I download a video from Vimeo?

You cannot download a video directly from the Vimeo platform unless you possess one of their many paid accounts. Just traverse the steps we have in the previous section once you liked a video and wanted to download it. Lay back and relax until your video downloads; which would take a few seconds.

How to download videos from Vimeo to your PC?

Find out the video you would like to download and copy its link. Paste the link on our website’s 'Enter URL box', which is the Vimeo Video Downloader. Hit Download and watch it at any place, any time on your Computer. Use the best video players you have and immerse in the magnificence!

Can one download a video from Vimeo to my iPhone?

The Vimeo Video Downloader supports multiple platforms which also includes iOS. There should be no lag or trouble faced while downloading from an iPhone, and the process is the same!

Can I download videos from Vimeo for free?

Vimeo poses no limitation on the number of times a video can be in play. However, it demands a lot of bytes of data, which your wallet might not be as happy about. If you use our Vimeo Video Downloader, you can instantly download them and watch them offline ‘n’ number of times, where ‘n’ is defined by you!

Can I download videos from Vimeo app?

It is not reasonable to download videos from Vimeo app unless you possess one of the three paid accounts. But, you can copy the link of the post containing the video you want to download, and you know the drill – just paste it in the Vimeo Video Downloader.

How can I download Vimeo mp4 on my iPhone?

As Vimeo Video Downloader operates on almost all popular Operating Systems, whether iOS or Windows is no hindrance. Will work perfectly fine with no glitches. The procedure remains the same, where you can either copy and paste the URL on the website, or on the Vimeo Video Downloader App and watch videos non-stop at your pleasure.

Plans & Pricing of Vimeo?

Vimeo has three modes – Plus, Pro, and Premium. Plus offers 5 GB/week at a price of $7 billed annually. Pro offers 20 GB/week at $20 charged annually, whereas Premium allows Unlimited live streaming with 7 TB total storage.

How to make an account on Vimeo?

These trivial steps have to be done to create an account on Vimeo. Go to your browser and type Choose the right plan. Hit the Sign-up button to join for free. Once you finish the process, start scrolling through millions of videos. Enopy their URLs and paste on Vimeo Video Downloader. Enjoy unlimited offline videos.

Can I watch videos offline on Vimeo?

With a secure Internet connection, first, download your videos using our Vimeo Video Downloader. You can now watch Vimeo videos offline. This feature is not accessible on the app for free users.

Where will the Vimeo videos save after the Download?

At a preferred location on your system, you can save the downloaded videos with no worries. If you downloaded it on a smartphone, you can find it on Downloads and play it directly instead of from your Gallery.

Videos are playing instead of downloading – Why?

It could be an outdated or lower version of your browser that is causing this issue. If the video is playing, check if there is an option to Download. Check even the three dots, and if there isn’t, right click on the video and select ‘Save As’, and you can now download and store the video in your predetermined location.

Can we download Vimeo videos from Android mobile?

On Android mobile, you can use the Vimeo Video Downloader App or the website tool available online and convert your video links easily.

Can I download Complete Videos?

Yes, you can download Complete videos with Vimeo Video Downloader with no problems at all. All you necessitate to do is enter the same URL of the video and download the fitting quality in which you want it to play.

How does Vimeo Downloader tool provide Downloads?

The tool provides downloads to hundreds and thousands of its visitants and at their behest. Vimeo Video Downloader is web-based and eases the process of video downloading for users who want to experience the unique content on Vimeo offline on their phones and other devices.

Is the data of Vimeo videos and playlist that have been downloaded by the user stored on Vimeo Downloader?

Is the data of Vimeo videos and playlist that have been downloaded by the user stored on Vimeo Downloader?

Why is Vimeo-Downloader named as Best Vimeo Converter?

Imagine thinking of downloading a video, and by the next second, you have it in your hands! That’s how amazing and fast Vimeo Video Downloader is. It serves multiple requests at a time too, so you and your friends can download videos from anywhere around the world at the same time! Any video on Vimeo can be downloaded, making it one of the best Vimeo Video Download tools.

What is the maximum length of videos allowed on Vimeo-Downloader?

Vimeo Video Downloader was built even to play and save videos whose sizes vary in hundreds of Gigabytes, so videos that are longer than three hours can be downloaded too!

What will be the quality?

A number of alternatives are available in terms of quality of the video-to-be-downloaded. The HD quality is a promise, and there will be no curtailment nor compromise in quality!

Why Vimeo Downloader?

Efficient tool to download videos large and small. No surveys or fake services. Can download videos in a jiffy. Multiple OS operability. One-tap Download. Works on Android and iOS. Requires no software installation. Free and reliable.

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