Instagram Story Ideas | Easy Tips And Tricks

instagram story ideas

Instagram Stories are increasingly well-liked than ever before. If you have not yet, you should begin generating Instagram Stories. Were you searching for creative Instagram story ideas for your upcoming post? We have you covered.    instagram story ideas intoduction Instagram Stories are getting a lot more creative. There are plenty of innovative capabilities to experiment with, from reactive AR effects to interactive Instagram story stickers. This indicates that you can connect with your Instagram audience, so don’t blow it by posting boring Stories and images. Utilize Boomerangs, countdowns, and the Poll function to engage your audience in your creative Instagram Stories and many more.

Choosing the ideal Instagram Story for your Instagram can seem difficult despite its accessibility. To increase followers, we’ve created a list of Instagram Stories ideas.

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Instagram story ideas

Without installing any additional image altering or graphics programs, there are countless features you can utilize within Instagram to personalize Instagram Stories.

second instagram story ideas

The following are some innovative Instagram Story ideas that you may use right away.

Polls and Tests

IG story ideas include polling or creating a quiz to provide your viewers with the solutions rather than asking a loose inquiry. Stickers can be useful in this situation.

polls on instagram stories

Engaging your audience using a multiple-choice response like the one in the example below. Users will find it simpler to react to your post by pressing a button rather than typing text. A sliding response is equally straightforward and effective when uploading anything deserving of buzz, even if it’s your newly stocked cookie container.

Alter the background color

Occasionally when you have uploaded anything fresh to your grid, you occasionally share a post to your Instagram Stories to make your viewers aware. But you might have yet to have had in mind the backdrop color that is set by default for it.

additional colours instagram stories

The Instagram story ideas include changing the color palette of your Story to make it more visually attractive and creative.

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Instagram Stories Offers Additional Colors

Instagram Stories is the best platform for showcasing the personality of your company. What happens if Instagram doesn’t list the color your business uses among its collection of default colors?

Fortunately, you can get all the colors you could need via a hidden Instagram Stories hack.

alter background on instagram stories

Open Instagram Stories, then choose the drawing tool. Press and hold one of the pre-selected color options at the display’s base to open the color scale. Next, use the slider to select a unique color for your Story.

Try taking boomerangs

Boomerang, an Instagram-developed app, has been integrated into its Story feature. People can easily utilize it by accessing the Stories cam and choosing the option directly to the right. 

boomerang on instagram story

Boomerangs are amusing to make and are a one- to a two-second short video that repeats. Use this to add extra personality to your Stories rather than occasionally taking pictures. A boomerang makes for an interactive Instagram story. 


A great idea for interactive Instagram stories is to do a countdown. Anyone can enjoy a nice countdown. A release, a sale, New Year’s Eve, a holiday like Christmas or Black Friday, or the most recent Marvel movie.


Increase the level of suspense in your audience right away by placing a countdown sticker over your video. Tick, tick.

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Publicize a live event

Stories Ideas for Instagram is to utilize free advertising by posting a promo to your Instagram Story if you are streaming an Instagram Live event. It’s a fantastic method to engage your audience and increase views of your Instagram Live feed.

promote an event instagram story

After the stream, you can post follow-up queries asking your viewers what they want to see in the next one.

Employ text shadows

Use Instagram’s in-app design concepts to your advantage while developing IG story ideas. One can incorporate a text shadow effect straight from the dashboard for producing Stories by creating two layers with the same content in various colors. 

Simply arrange your content on your Story wherever you would like it to display and type it in a brighter or darker tone. Then, using the same precise technique, apply your dominant shade by placing it over the shadow at an inclination.

add text shadows

This allows you to creatively overlay text on a picture or a video you just recorded within the app, making it quick and simple to design your Instagram Stories before sharing.

Launch a series

Instagram Stories is the ideal platform to share a content series idea. This could be anything from a collection of recipes to a step-by-step guide for your company or anything else. Make bite-sized Story chunks of what you’d like to see from channels similar to yours.

launch a series

Making your material serial will increase engagement, regardless of the subject. For success, make your content series a permanent highlight on your Instagram profile so that all of your hard work is viewed for longer than the allotted 24 hours.

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Apply hashtags

Hashtags are essential for getting people who aren’t already following you to view your Instagram Stories. If there is a hashtag that your potential audience can use to interact, be sure to include it as a sticker. Use hashtags that only loosely link to your brand as well; you may conceal these with stickers and animated GIFs. This will maximize reach while maintaining a tidy appearance for your Instagram Stories.


With the Biteable video maker, every single one of the Instagram Story concepts may be realized in a matter of minutes. With a ready-to-edit template, raise your Instagram Story skills in moments and captivate your fans.

Keep to the lines

Do you still have any memories of coloring in elementary school? It’s critical to become familiar with the game’s regulations.

You should also adhere to some fairly crucial boundaries and guidelines for your Instagram Stories.

keep to the lines

Your username and the various options to interact with your tale are displayed in the top and bottom portions of your story visuals, respectively. These parts shouldn’t contain any important details or design components.

Thankfully, Instagram will alert you if you attempt to shift an element too far up or down on the screen, but it’s crucial to make sure that any designs you create outside of the app also adhere to the guidelines.

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How can I improve the aesthetics of my Story?

If you want to make your Instagram more visually appealing, you can try to add a tint, a variety of font styles, and a makeup look if you're in the video or an animated filter.

What are the greatest intriguing Instagram Stories?

A poll is just one of the various techniques to engage with users on Instagram Story. It's a great way to engage with and learn more about your viewers. Additionally, you may start a challenge, host a giveaway, spotlight your customers, test your followers, share user-generated material, and host a Q&A.

What do Instagram Story interactions mean?

The total number of actions people took after watching your content is referred to as interactions.

Why aren't any people seeing my Instagram story?

The most common reason for a decline in story viewing is a rise in prior engagement that isn't authentic. This indicates that you utilized some strange blackhat program that automatically interacted for you, used an engagement app, bought engagement (likes or follows), or were able to land on a bot trigger.


Instagram revolves around playfulness and creativity, so experiment with fresh layouts, monitor your Instagram Statistics, and frequently post to tell your tale as Instagram Stories. Start producing your own breathtaking Instagram Stories to astound your followers. Various Instagram Story ideas that you can employ are to generate the website’s calls-to-action, poll and test your audience, show off what transpires behind the scenes, and much more on your stories.