How To Change Birthday on Instagram | Step-by-step Tutorial

how to change birthday on instagram

How to change birthday on Instagram? One could need to update their birthdate on Instagram for many reasons. It only needs a few simple actions and is fairly easy.

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Creating an Instagram account is simple and only requires entering your username, password, and personal information once; mistakes will inevitably happen from time to time. Additionally, there’s no need to worry if you unintentionally entered the incorrect birthdate on your Instagram profile. How to set age on Instagram? There are several ways to modify the birthdate. You can accomplish it by using the Facebook app, the Instagram app, or the Instagram website. 

Let’s start learning How to change birthday on Instagram straight away.

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How to change birthday on Instagram

Changing your birthday on Instagram is generally simple. Look at the following ways to change your birthdate on Instagram.

Using Instagram App

How to change your birth date on Instagram? Update your birthdate simply by using the Instagram application.

  1. Go to the “Profile” symbol at the bottom left of the “Home” page after opening the Instagram app on your smartphone. Tap it.

instagram login

2. The “Profile” page has several parts after you enter it.

profile icon instagram

3. Press “Edit Profile” to continue to alter your birth information.

edit profile instagram birthday

4. After selecting “Edit Profile,” go for and select “Personal Information Settings.”

personal information settings on instagram change birthday

5. Go to “Personal Information Settings,” then to “Birthday,” and make the necessary changes to your birth information.

birthday section change

6. You cannot update your birthday on Instagram if your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram profile.

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Using Instagram website

You can still change age on Instagram if you’re using a computer rather than a phone.

  1. Visit and sign up.

instagram login website 2. The corner should display your profile photo. Access your profile, and tap on it.

profile icon tap

3. You’ll notice a standard profile photo logo with the word “Profile” next to it. Then, tap it and select “Edit Profile.”

edit profile

4. Birthday should appear at the bottom of the Edit Profile menu. When you select “Birthdate,” a form where you may edit or add your birthdate will appear.

change birthday

5. Input your details, then press “Submit.”

submit change your birthday on instagram

6. Check that your birthday is accurate before clicking “Submit.” 

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Using Facebook app

How to change birthday on Instagram? You must update your Facebook account’s birthday if your Instagram account and Facebook account are connected. It will automatically display on the Instagram account.

  1. Activate the menu button in the corner of the Facebook application. facebook login  2. Click on the image of your Facebook profile.

profile icon

3. To access the Modify public information menu, just go down and click it.

modify public information

4. Once again, scroll and select Edit Your About Information.


5. Select the Edit icon after descending to the Basic Info section.

facebook birthday

6. By touching on the month, year, and day, you may now alter your birthday.

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How to Update Your Bio to Include a Birthday

Notably, none of the aforementioned actions will render your birthday visible to Instagram users. They are only utilized to confirm identities and ages. You need to do a few extra steps if you’re reading this and wondering, “But I’d like to understand how to Instagram add your birthday on my bio.”

  1. Go over to your personal profile in the application.

bio section instagram change birthday

2. Select the Bio section by tapping or clicking it. You can add any data you want in the bio.

submit change your birthday on instagram

3. Depending on your operating platform, enter your birthday and press “Done,” the blue checkmark button, or “Submit.” Your profile will now reflect your birthday.

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Why are you unable to change your birthday on Instagram?

You should pause before editing it once more if you've just modified it. If you wish to alter your birthdate on Instagram and have linked your Facebook account with the same Accounts Center, you can do so on Facebook by making the necessary changes.

I don't want Instagram to be aware of my birthday. After inputting my birth information, can I still withdraw it?

Sadly, once you add your birthday to Instagram, you cannot delete it.

When I add or change my birthday, will it appear on Instagram?

In contrast to other social media platforms, Instagram hides your birthdate from view on your profile. Your date of birth is listed on your profile page, but other Instagram users cannot see it.

Why does Instagram want information about my birth?

Instagram requests information on our dates of birth since most nations only permit users who are 13 years old and over to join Instagram. When a user is under 16, Instagram forbids them from creating accounts and changes their account settings to ‘Private.’

Users who are under 13 years old are able to open an Instagram account.

Even if you create an account and enter a false birthday to make it appear that you are 13 years old, Instagram will either suspend or delete your account. Once your account is deleted, you'll get a notification saying that you aren't old enough to begin using Instagram.

How much does Instagram require to confirm your age?

After submitting your selfie, you can stay on Instagram or close it. Instagram and Yoti can take up to twenty minutes to confirm your age. You'll receive a notification of the verification's outcome.


For a variety of reasons, you might want to update your Instagram birthdate. This is known to Meta, and as a result, the edit was made available. The amount of times you can modify your birthday is restricted, so you should be aware of that. Therefore, you must be careful to enter the proper birthday or wait a few more days if you just made a change. The methods for How to change birthday on Instagram are covered above. The questions on this subject that were addressed for deeper comprehension were also included in a section.