How to Get Karma on Reddit | 6 Guaranteed Ways

    How to Get Karma on Reddit

    You know, as they say, time waits for none. Indeed, it does not. So, with changing times, there has been a drastic shift in the things we get a kick from, or, to say in layman terms, something that thrills us out of our wits. The topic up for discussion today is something on similar lines. We’re going to have a heart-to-heart conversation on how to get karma on Reddit through various ways. Also, you may download the content available on Reddit through our downloader.

    Moving on, social-media and everything related to it holds a place at the top of lists of all such things.

    What happens these days is, no matter if its a quote which has caught our fancy, a song that has is stuck in our minds, breathtaking scenery, or sumptuous delicacies, it all has to be uploaded over at the social media. And then we obsessively keep an eye on how many people have appreciated it.

    That is where we get our fix of thrill originates.

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    The topic, as I spoke off above I promise, is as intriguing as it sounds. But before you can begin to comprehend anything, you’ll have to get an understanding going, for the individual concepts. So let us start by trying to understand the meanings of certain unique ideas.

    Get Karma on Reddit

    Getting to Know Reddit 

    Reddit is one significant social media platform, among so many others out there. There are so many that sometimes we can barely remember what each one does. So it has some definite highlights that set it apart from the bunch of all. More on that later.

    It was thought of as a mere idea by a couple of roommates hailing from America, who gave the idea a shape, which has now turned out to be something amazing. Finally, the app was brought out for the world 14 years ago (in 2005).

    Highlights of Reddit 

    • Getting your hands on a Reddit account doesn’t require much, not even an email id. Pretty astonishing, huh? It makes the process tad easier. You’ve to give it that.
    • It has given a new name to the “like,” dislike,” thingy prevalent on some other apps, basically giving it a new avatar. So, the users who like what you post can give you an upvote (thumbs up), and the other ones can provide a downvote.
    • One more thing that piques my interest in this is the subreddit. It encourages content posting concerning categories and name-based proportions. The contents can vary from sports, fashion, jokes, basically all that which we call “meme” material.


    • Lastly, this feature attracted loads of limelight is known as karma. Pay attention because the next portion of how to get karma on Reddit connects with this.

    karma on reddit

    So, No, not the karma you perceive it to be. This karma is Reddit’s version of Facebook/Instagram’s trademark “like” element. 

    It is symbolic of how well-received and sought-after you or your content is on the site.

    As there are two things in any social media, including Reddit, so consequently, there can be two kinds of karma, namely, Comment karma and Post karma. 

    You may increase it by uploading more of textual/image/graphical content and the other one, by commenting and giving opinions on others’.

    Now, to the main agenda of today’s chit-chat. As I’ve told you a few basics, now you’ll be able to grasp how to get karma on Reddit, more appropriatelyYou have an idea what both the terms are equal to, without further delaying the proceedings, let us jump to it.

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    Assured Methods to Get Karma on Reddit

    The following are some of the assured ways that can help you to get Karma on Reddit

    Keep Posting and More Posting

    As much as it looks like a catchphrase, it’s your key to getting karma on Reddit. We all know the more active we are more is the probability of success. So the more frequently you post, the more karma you get. 

    It will help in receiving more views on the content. What is the fun of having a quirky collection when it gets buried underneath heaps of others?

    Keep Posting and More Posting

    That will also be increasing your chances of featuring on the front of the site’s page, as it is directly related to karma. That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

    Analyze the Time Frame

    There are some particular time frames when people tend to be more active in their social media. So if you post in that timeframe, you have more chances of getting favorable outcomes and, thus, to get karma on Reddit, which is the common goal here. Right?

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    The apparent timeslot sets itself in the early hours of the day, that is, in most parts of the whole world. So, it’s a bonus if you’re an early bird.

    Post the Trending Content

    It is a breakthrough that I have just disclosed to you. All you must do, to get karma on Reddit, is to keep posting whatever and more of all that is trending. Try doing another thing, go to any site like pixabay or Pinterest, download a bunch of universally loved pictures. 

    trending content

    For instance, picturesque sunsets, adorable babies or animals, whatever you think is “amicable” in the general sense of things.

    It is most likely aid you to get karma on Reddit. Also, this can be especially useful when you’ve just started using it and are having difficulty in figuring out what other users may like and what they might not.

    Quality Content 

    Which is the one condition that holds for gaining popularity and fame on no matter which platform you are on? The answer is the quality of what you upload should be up-to-the-mark.

    No one would be interested in your material if it’s bland and boring. No one wants to get bored, right?

    So to get karma on Reddit, without having to bat an eyelash, just be yourself, go on and post your jokes, one-liners, funny clips, and unleash the entertainer in you.

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    Aiding Subreddits

    Another much-known way to get karma on Reddit is by availing the opportunities provided by certain subreddits. How did you ask? Well, there are some of those who follow the scheme of retweets for a retweet. What do I mean?

    On these specific ones, there is this silent understanding of giving an upvote for an upvote. So if you upvote someone’s material, they’ll respond with one, thus earning you karma!! Easy enough?

    Aiding Subreddits

    Be Inquisitive 

    So as strange as this sounds, it is NOT. All I mean is to get karma on Reddit, be curious, and ask/post questions in your posts. As intriguing, they’ll be, more responses they’ll attract.

    And boom!! You’ll have an explosion of all things nice.


    It brings us to the closing of this article. Herein, I have counted a few foolproof ways to get karma on Reddit, follow these, and I doubt you’ll face any difficulties, even if you’re a newbie.

    Happy Surfing!  

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