How to Find Someone on Instagram | Best Ways to Do in 2023

    How to Find Someone on Instagram

    Social media has perhaps created the most significant uproar in the past decade or so. New apps and technologies keep on popping up on the scene quite frequently. Among these is the one which the majority of us love the most is Instagram. Besides, these days the Instagram username trend is quite more popular than any which indicates what videos or pictures you upload on your account. Having said that, in this article, we will discuss the major ways to find someone on Instagram quite effectively. 

    So it has to be quite a statement as the competitors are no less than giants, like WhatsApp. Though lately in 2019, Instagram came with an update ‘by Facebook’ giving the app more success than it ever had. Also, the popularity on Instagram sanctions with the verification blue tick which is adored by almost everyone on the app. 

    But our lives figuratively revolve around Instagram or IG as the Millenials like to call it. Whether it is a beautiful landscape that we’ve captured or an adorable puppy, all of it has to go on Instagram. The best part comes with who views your Instagram account especially if you have a business or a content creator account. 

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    Some Things to Know About Instagram

    When it comes to outings, folks decide the restaurants, depending on how Instagram-worthy they are!! The most prominent example, however, is that we can’t even begin eating our food without uploading the picture/video/boomerang on Instagram. However, some do it for their Instagram blog, others do it for fun.

    The designers have designed the app using loads of colors to look appealing to the user. The interface is easy and clear enough. You can learn it as you go on using it. But to make things a little easy for you, I’m going to discuss one of the most frequently asked questions.instagram

    Today we’re going to talk about how to find someone on Instagram. It’s one of the fundamental requirements of not only IG but any social media platform. The more people you’ll have on your Instagram account, the more fun it is. Besides, if you use these measures, it might give a possibility to grow your Instagram Followers.

    So I’m going to tell you all about toning your IG experience by making it easy to find someone on Instagram

    There are a couple of ways to do that. Let us learn about them one by one.

    Visit the official site of Instagram here.

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    Top 7 Ways To Find Someone On Instagram 

    These are the explained ways on how do you find someone on Instagram. Give each one of them a try.

    Using Instagram Handle 

    The method to find someone on Instagram is as straightforward as it gets. All you have to do is search the person using their Instagram username. There is a small search sign(magnifying glass) on your screen, right in front of you.

    When you click it, a placeholder will appear on the top of the screen. It prompts you to type the username. You do it, click on done, and it will show the lists of prospects that match what you searched. You figure out which the right one is and click on the follow button.instagram handle

    For the private Instagram accounts, you will need approval. When you click follow, it will send a request to the other person. Then they can accept or ignore the request.

    Along with using the wayfinding people on Instagram, you can use it to find other fascinating things. For instance, quirky hashtags, people with common choices, beautiful locations that you may like too, etc.

    But the method is only useful when you know under which name they do run their account. Otherwise, the process is likely to get no outcomes.

    Find someone on Instagram using Instagram Handle

    What do we do now? Well, there are other methods, which work no matter, you got the username or not.

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    Using Phone Number

    The method we’re going to discuss now works quite similarly. The difference comes from the fact that it uses phone numbers to help you find someone on Instagram.

    Herein, you follow the same steps:

    • On the bottom click, in the circle, click on your picture.
    • Click the three horizontal lines shaped buttons at the top right, displaying a range of menus.
    • Select sync contacts options under the discover people option. It works just like the way you sync your contacts. You can discontinue it whenever you feel like it. Also, whom you want to follow and who not, it’s totally up to you. So you get your liberty, as well as an explosion of followers—a win-win situation.

    Find someone on Instagram by using Phone number

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    Using Facebook

    Do you know how to find someone’s Instagram using Facebook? The method means that you can use Facebook to find people on Instagram. We all know Facebook came before Instagram. So naturally, we’ve been using it for more time, and so, have more friends there. Well, we have a way that can allow us to get all those friends on Instagram.facebook

    It can be done if we link our IG account with our Facebook account. For that, do you see your display picture at the bottom, right? In a small circle? Yes? Click on it. When you do it, it takes you to your profile.facebook facebook

    Now, at the top right, click the hamburger button, the one like three horizontal lines. There, among other options, will be the one saying, Discover people. Click on it. Next, you have to choose the Facebook option. That is how you can connect to your friends on Facebook and make them follow you.

    Find someone on Instagram by connecting to Facebook
    More people mean more likes, comments, followers, and ultimately more fun.

    The method overcomes the problem where it does not enable you to find someone on Instagram without having their username.

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    How to find people on Instagram from a particular area like your hometown or city? Well, then, Instagram has the solution to this problem. Instagram has a feature by which you can search for a person by their place with an option present below the search bar.

    Interestingly it is called ‘Places.’ This option restricts your search to the area you have defined in it. If you type ‘Mumbai,’ then Instagram will show you accounts belonging to ‘Mumbai’ only. Follow the below-mentioned steps to utilize this feature-

    • Go to the search bar 
    • Select the places option. You can find it under the bar
    • Enter the username and account 
    • You can even go through the suggestion list created by Instagram


    Who isn’t acquainted with this term? Someone who denies is probably lying. How do we know about the latest trends on social media? Of course, through hashtags. Be it #Blacklivesmatter or #JusticeforChutki or #Binod, these hashtags took the world by storm. Do you know that you can use these hashtags to find people on Instagram?hashtags

    Well, now, you know. Everybody uses hashtags on their Instagram post as hashtags can increase the reach of your post. You can use this to your advantage to search for people. So let’s dive into the steps for how to find someone’s Instagram using Hashtag. The steps are the same as searching people through the location. Go to the search bar and click on ‘Tags.’ Enter the Hashtag. Remember to use the # sign. Start the search, and you will find all the accounts associated with the Hashtag you have entered.


    Many times you find an acquaintance on your friend’s account. You can follow them too quickly. If you are looking for someone in your friend’s following, then walk through these steps for how to find a person on Instagram using your friend’s profile. friends 

    • Open your friend’s profile on your Instagram.
    • There will be two options: #Hashtags and People.
    • If you click on Hashtag you will get a list of hashtags that your friend follows. Even they don’t follow any of these hashtags, you will receive a notification.
    • The people option will take you to a list of people your friend follows. You can open the profile, do some research, and eventually follow the desired ones. If you are lucky, you will receive a follow back.

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    Instagram provides a list of suggestions of accounts you should follow every once in a while. These suggested users are the accounts that your friends or acquaintances follow. When you follow someone, Instagram automatically suggests more accounts similar to the one you just followed.suggestions

    For instance, if you followed Cristiano Ronaldo, then Instagram will suggest you follow Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and many more footballers. It reduces the hassle of typing the usernames in the search bar. 


    We’ve reached, at last, to the end of the article. As easy as Lovable as Instagram is, a little convenience and tricks hurt none, especially when on a hunt of who unfollowed you on Instagram. Thus, you can use any of the above methods to find someone on Instagram and get yourself more followers with entertaining stuff.

    Stay tuned for more such articles.

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