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We are certainly sure that you must have been in a situation where you wanted to download a video to send someone that is owned by a private account which they don’t follow or whether it is for yourself to watch later. So, we are here with a Instagram Video Downloader tool that can download the videos from Instagram for free.

Follow the steps below for the most simple and effective procedure:

How to Download Instagram videos?

Follow the process below and mimic it correctly to download videos from Instagram:

  1. Copy the URL of the Instagram video.
  2. Open the new tab, and type in the address bar.
  3. Now Paste the URL into the box.
  4. After this, hit the download button.
  5. Now, your file is ready to download. Click on any format to download.

Download The Video From Here!

Frequently Asked Questions & Solutions

Before Proceeding ahead, have a look:

What is Instagram video Downloader?

It is a web app that permits you to download the videos of Instagram. Just imitate the URL of the video and paste it in the conversion box and click download.

How does 4Hub’s tool work?

4Hub’s Insta video downloader is a kind of an online tool to download Instagram videos in HD resolution or any other formats. Just duplicate and paste the URL of the video from Instagram in the conversion box. Now by pressing the download button will able you to save the video into your device.

Is it conceivable to download videos from Instagram?

Yes, of course, the Instagram downloader is developed for to do this accurately. Just mimic the URL of the video from the Instagram and paste it in the conversion box to download and this will save the file in your device.

How does the Instagram Video Downloader work?

Follow the procedure below to download the video from Instagram to your device- A small pop-up window will appear on the screen with the video URL and give command Ctrl + C to copy the URL for the video from the keyboard. Open the In a new tab. Paste the URL in the conversion box in And tap download. And your video will be saved.

Can I download videos using the Instagram app?

Open the Instagram application. After this, find the video you wish to download and copy the URL of the video. Then paste the link/URL of the video in the conversion box showing in After that, click the download button.

Can I Download videos from Instagram for free?

Yes, this is possible with the Instagram video downloader. It does allow you to download the videos from Instagram with no cost.

Why Instagram videos are playing but not downloading?

Instagram video downloader works best with Google Chrome and also supports Mozilla Firefox though it recommended that you should use an updated browser.

How to download Instagram videos to the iPhone?

Open the Instagram application on your iPhone. A ‘Copy Link’ option will appear after tapping on the share button and click that option. Now open the 4hub Instagram video Downloader and paste the URL of the video and your download will start.

Where are the videos saved after downloading from Instagram?

Though it entirely depends upon the browser, you are using to download. Let’s say for Google Chrome, it saves the downloads in the download folder and if you still can’t find it press Ctrl + J in the Google Chrome window to see the download list.

Is it possible to download videos on android?

Yes, it does work for android. Also, it works fine on Android. Just copy the URL of the file inside the conversion box and click download them to save your video.

How Instagram video Downloader facilitates the downloads?

We use the CDN of Instagram which processes the massive programs and codes, and that’s using the CDN Networks copy of downloaded files uploaded in the Instagram is made.

Will your tool contain data of the user?

This tool works in such a way that only the user can access its data by using the HTTP end to end encryption, and no one can access the data which is not authorized to do so. Due to the CDN network, there is not a single way through which Instagram video Downloader can access the user’s data for their use.

Reason why 4Hub has the best Instagram downloader?

Using this Instagram video downloader, you can download videos of Instagram with absolutely no cost. Paste the URL of the file inside the conversion box and download the videos at high speed.

What is the maximum length allowed to download?

Our tool facilitates to download videos that are over 3 hours in length. Through the CDN Networks it also possible to download videos with safety as it uses HTTP end to end connection.

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Why Choose our Instagram Video Downloader?

Here is the list for the inevitable reason why our tool is the best:

  • Download at high speed.
  • Our ripper loads the pages ghastly.
  • Also compatible with Mac OS and Android mobile.
  • Downloads with Single click.
  • Most of all, it free! For any format and any quality you want.

Download The Video From Here!