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Scrolling through Facebook feed is a thing, that we have all done once in a lifetime. Also, most us still do and love to do. But I am sure you have been in a situation where you saw a cool video and want to download to send on WhatsApp to someone that’s not in your friend list. After this, a voice in your head comes and says,” I wish I could download this video”. So, we are here to resolve this difficulty of yours. This time we have come up with a tool that can download the video that through Facebook feeds. That is known as ‘Facebook video downloader‘.

How to Download Facebook Videos?

This tool is designed keeping in mind to keep the User-interface as clean and straightforward as possible. Just present it a shot and see if it can download your favorite videos:

  1. Copy the URL/link of the video.
  2. Open the new tab, and open https://4hub.app/facebook-video-downloader.
  3. Now you will see a conversion box. Into the box, Paste the URL.
  4. After this, hit the Download button.
  5. Now, your file is ready to download. It will show you the formats and click on any to download.

Download The Video From Here!

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What is Facebook Video Downloader?

It’s a tool that allows a user to download videos from Facebook in mp4 format for free and that too in HD.

Is it plausible to download videos from Facebook?

Yes, of course, the Facebook downloader is developed for that purpose. It allows you to download. All you have to do is copy the link/URL of the video and paste it in the conversion box and click on download.

How does the Facebook Video Downloader work?

It is a type of web app to download Facebook videos for both public and private users in HQ mp4 and mp3 format. To download the video, copy the URL of the video that you want to download and paste it in the conversion box. After this, hit the download button. Now, the download will start, and the file downloads into your system.

How to save a video from Facebook to my computer?

Perform the following procedure: Login into your Facebook. Find the video you desire to download from the Facebook feeds or the user’s profile. A small pop-up window will be visible on the screen with the video URL. Give command Ctrl+C to copy the URL for the video from your keyboard. Paste the URL in the conversion box in https://4hub.app/facebook-video-downloader. And tap on Download.

Can I download videos from the Facebook app?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps: Open the Facebook mobile application. After this, find the video. Tap the share option and copy link option. Then paste the link/URL of the video in the conversion box after opening the https://4hub.app/facebook-video-downloader. After this, click the Download button.

Can I download videos from Facebook for free?

Yes, with the Facebook downloader, you can download Facebook videos at no cost. Just copy the link of the video into the conversion box and click download.

After downloading videos from Facebook, where do they locate?

It depends upon the browser you are utilizing. After downloading videos, look for it in the download folder where Google chrome save downloaded content. Moreover, while opening Google Chrome, press Ctrl + J to see the download list.

How do I download the Facebook videos on my iPhone?

Open the Facebook application. Play the video you wish to download. A 'Copy Link' option will appear on tapping the share button. Now open 4Hub and paste the URL of the video and click download.

Is it plausible to download videos on android?

Yes, it is. It works flawlessly on mobile, due to its high optimization. After entering the URL of the song, wait for the conversion and then download the file.

Will Facebook video Downloader contain data of the user?

Of course not. This tool uses HTTPS end to end encryption. That means, only the user can access that data. Due to the CDN network, there is not a single way through which Facebook video Downloader can have the user data.

Reason why 4Hub has the best Facebook converter?

The videos are downloaded directly to the devices by entering the URL. Our tool has an extremely high speed when it comes to downloading from Facebook.

What is the maximum length allowed to download?

Facebook video Downloader is capable of downloading videos that are over 3 hours. Our tool is the best as it supports to download the videos that have more extended time longer than 3 hours.

What is the video quality like?

4Hub knows what the users like, and here it is to serve. It is capable of downloading videos from 1080p to 240p.

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Here is the list of the inevitable reason why our tool is the best.

  • High-speed downloads.
  • The ripper loads instantly.
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Android mobile.
  • Single click download.
  • Most of all, it is unlimitedly free!

Download The Video From Here!

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