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Vlive is a popular South Korean platform where celebrities Livestream their daily activities for their fans to see. There is no doubt that this is fairly popular amongst the masses. That being said, have you ever desired to download a particular stream off of this platform? You may wish to share a video with a friend who doesn’t use Vlive or have it saved as a keepsake. If that’s the case, then you’ve ended up at the right place! The Vlive downloader will convert any stream into an MP4 format, ready for you to then download. Not just that you can also freely download Instagram videos.

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How can you download the Vlive Videos?

Following is the procedure to follow if you want to utilize our Vlive downloader.

  1. Start by copying the link/URL of any video that you would like to download.
  2. Next, go ahead and paste your video’s link in the conversion box.
  3. Now, choose the ‘Download’ option and wait for your URL to get converted into a file.
  4. You will receive Once your file is ready, option to download it. At this particular stage, you will also receive an option to decide your preferred file format. Once you pick one, select download.
vlive downloader
Vlive Downloader

So here is how you can successfully download Vlive videos off the platform. If you have any more questions about our V live downloader, then move on to the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Vlive Downloader?

A Vlive downloader is a nifty tool to convert your favorite Vlive streams into downloadable files.

How does this downloader work?

Using this downloader is the easiest thing in the world. You can download from Vlive any video in high-quality MP3 as well as MP4 format. Once the URL has been changed into the appropriate file for download, you’re done. A single click of a button is all it takes to preserve your favorite videos.

How can you save your favorite videos from Vlive?

o save your favorite videos off of Vlive, execute the next set of steps. Login to your Vlive account Search for your favorite video. Once found, copy the URL of your video. You can do so by using the Ctrl+C shortcut. Next, paste the URL into the conversion box of our Vlive downloader. You can do so by using the Ctrl+V shortcut. Finally, hit ‘download’ and wait for your file to be converted.

How to download V live video from the Vlive app?

To download the video off of the mobile app, follow the next set of steps Go into your Vlive mobile application look for the video you desire to download Tap on the Share button on the video. From here, select the copy link option Now paste this link into our Vlive downloader and hit download.

Can all of the videos be downloaded at zero cost?

Yes, this converter can be utilized free of charge. Just copy and then proceed to paste your link into our converter, and you’re good to go.

Where can you find the videos once they are downloaded?

This answer is subjective as it depends upon the browser that you are utilizing to convert your video’s URL into an MP4 file. If using the Google Chrome browser then use shortcut Ctrl-J to access the downloads list. Once you see your downloaded video, you can choose the ‘Show in folder’ option to access its location.

Can this downloader gain access to the user’s data?

No, we highly value your privacy. An HTTPS end-to-end encryption utilization is for safeguarding your data. The CDN network ensures that there is no way that the Vlive converter can gain access to your data.

Why is 4Hub the best for downloading Vlive videos?

Our Vlive downloader is the best out there because the videos can be downloaded directly onto the device once the conversion is complete. Our download speed is unmatchable as well. It is completely free of cost to use and is compatible with major operating systems.

What is the longest video that you can download?

Our Vlive downloader is quick and highly efficient for the conversion of Vlive videos into MP3 or MP4 format. Moreover, You can get videos that are over 3 hours with ease.

What video quality does the converter offer?

You can be rest assured that the conversion will in no way hamper the quality of the video you wish to download. Also, the converter can download videos ranging from 240p to 1080p.