What is MixCloud and How to Use it [Complete Guide]

    what is mixcloud and how to use it
    what is mixcloud and how to use it

    If you’re hunting for a streaming service to listen to music, radio shows, and DJ mixes, you are at the right place. MixCloud is the right platform for you. However, what is MixCloud?

    This is what will be covered in the article majorly. The main purpose of this article is to highlight MixCloud and give you an outline as to how to use it.

    What Is MixCloud?

    MixCloud is a legal platform that acts as strong back-end support for creators to display what they love the most. People are passionate about music, podcasts, radio shows, and everything in audio form. Every genre, every taste, every scene – you will get everything you have been wishing for.


    MixCloud was born from the club culture. This platform had first been developed by the people who breathe music. They had set out this tool to showcase their piece of art to their audiences. Here, a piece of art means the music that they have produced.

    You must comprehend what MixCloud aiming to do is. First of all, it is one of the fair and legal streaming services you will get as an artist. The people who use it possess the power to upload any number of audios. The users can also listen to any number of audios free of cost. Of course, they are supported by advertisements so that the artists who have been struggling on their site get their recognition.

    MixCloud Pro version

    Also, it aims at putting creators first before anything else. This is so that they get recognized for their hard work. This will help them get the chance to gain more control over their channel. With such a move, they will also be able to look out for their fans! It is available in both Free and Pro versions.

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    How To Use MixCloud

    If you are hunting for the best way to commence your streaming on Mixcloud, here’s something for you. But first, you must keep a few things at the top of your head.

    Requirements to Broadcast Live

    To begin, there’re a few things you should have. You must purchase a subscription to Mixcloud Pro. You must also own a computer or laptop connected to a strong internet connection and is capable enough to perform the live stream.

    MixCloud Live

    The streaming software is a must (covered in this article as to how to go about it). You can use a webcam in case you wish to reveal your face.

    Choose the Perfect Streaming Software

    You must choose the software that’s compatible with MixCloud. It’s recommended that you could use Open Broadcast Software. This is one of the free ones and is extremely unchallenging when used. If you desire, you could use compatible alternatives.

    Connecting Stream over MixCloud

    Connect to the LIVE as soon as you select and install your streaming platform. You should go on MixCloud’s live website to pick a unique username. You can’t alter the stream’s name after you’ve selected one. After that, you should store the stream username and password safely.

    set up live stream

    Begin your streaming. There must be a start button. The view would change, similar to the view on MixCloud. Verify the broadcast and audio settings. Once you’ve finished, share it with your fans.

    Remember that the link will always have your username at the end. You might further need to know fix the server name which is given on the site itself.

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    Concluding the Stream over MixCloud

    Knowing how to stop streaming is equally vital. The End Stream button makes it simpler. You must compulsorily end the streaming from the streaming software.

    end live stream

    Most people tend to forget this process, and end up embarrassing themselves! Thus, make sure you stream properly and follow all the steps

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    Making The Stream Standout

    Keep the same video and audio settings throughout streaming. This would facilitate running your streaming smoothly. Always verify with the Live Preview option what your streaming looks like. This will make sure that you’re aware of what it will look like later on.mixcloud

    Audiences love conversations – so if you desire your audience sticks to you, engage in a conversation with them. It may not be too long. However, get that mic and talk to them!

    Most importantly, plan before you execute. Have a skeleton ready so that you do not miss out on anything!

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    You finally have apt knowledge as to what is MixCloud and how you can make the most use of it. If you wish to stream live, that is the time you should plan on taking up the pro version. Or else, there is no point in taking that up. If you are an artist, the pro version will be the best thing to get you what you wish for!

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