How to Use Tumblr | Become a Tumblr Pro With This Guide

    how to use tumblr

    If you are on this page after reading the title, it means you have recently made an account on Tumblr. Moreover, the guide is also useful if you are planning to create a new profile on the website. There is no doubt in the fact that every social media application is quite different in terms of features. You need to have some basic knowledge about the platform to use it properly. There are a lot of users on various social media platforms, especially the youth and business operatives. Therefore, this guide comprises all the information about how to use Tumblr and its features. Make sure to give a thorough review of every point and become an expert in using Tumblr.

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    What is Tumblr?

    This is the most important section of the guide as it contains the basic concept behind Tumblr. The app was first developed in the year 2007 when an American guy named David Kard came up with an idea.


    The idea included designing a unique platform that allows users to share informational blogs. Apart from regular sharing, it acts as a perfect source of getting knowledge. Users are highly enthusiastic about sharing some facts and useful data with each other on Tumblr.

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    How to Create Tumblr Account?

    Before moving any further, the first step is to know the method to create a Tumblr account for those wondering how to use Tumblr. You will require a working email ID to get started. The steps for the same are,

    Step 1

    Go to the official webpage of Tumblr and click on the Signup button.

    sign up

    Step 2

    Next, fill in the details like your email and a password for security reasons. Users also need to select an appropriate Blog name that is visible on the website. The website will show you some interesting and available names.

    tumblr sign up

    Step 3

    After clicking the next button, you will have to put your age for verification. The users must be at least 13 years old to access the website.

    Step 4

    Also, click on the dialog box that shows you agree with the terms and conditions of the page.

    Step 5

    Finally, your account is created, and you can start browsing. Tumblr will further ask for a few basic details about you that you can choose to skip.

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    How to Navigate Tumblr Dashboard?

    The overall user interface of Tumblr is very lenient and does not require much practice. The dashboard gives an elegant link to the complete platform. Moreover, the menu options such as Home, Explore, Inbox, and other profile-related buttons are extremely useful. Further, users can search on Tumblr using the dialog box present on the top. If you are someone who always asks how do you use Tumblr, this is quite simple. Also, you have the privilege to sort out the trending posts on the global level.

    How to Use Tumblr for Posting

    Here comes the most important part of your guide, where we will discuss how to use Tumblr for posting. It is quite common for users to upload various blogs and gather likes and share on them. But for that, you need to know the methods to post, steps for the same are,

    Step 1

    First, open your Tumblr from which you want to post the blog.

    Step 2

    On the dashboard, you will find a blue icon with a black pen on it, mostly present on the top corner of the screen.

    create a post

    Step 3

    Next, select the type of post you want to make. It can be anything such as text, photos, quotes, and various other options.

    Step 4

    Click on any option among them. For instance, we click on the text.

    Step 5

    Further, add the title and the content directly on the platform. You can also copy from the computer and past the document on it. Don’t forget to add tags to the post for better reach.

    text post

    Step 6

    Finally, tap on the Post button, and your post will be published.

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    Popular Tumblr Shortcuts

    At last but not least, we have some interesting shortcuts for the new Tumblr users for how to work with Tumblr. Now, you will not need to use the mouse pointer every time and find the icon. Directly, press these buttons on the keyboard, and you are ready to roll. They will not work on mobile applications and are only for PC users.tumblr shortcuts

    1. For Scrolling forward- J

    2. For Scrolling backward- K

    3. To like the specific post- L

    4. View the total number of notes- N

    5. For creating new post- C+Z

    These shortcut keys will reduce the overall time consumption. Moreover, it is a much faster and more convenient way to operate on this platform.


    It is quite sure that all the factors in this guide have their own benefits and you can use them accordingly. Also, several users tend to use a mobile application of Tumblr due to the convenience factor. However, it depends on your preference, as some of you might be comfortable with the desktop version. We hope that your queries regarding how to use Tumblr are now resolved. Moreover, don’t forget to start with the app and post interesting and cool blogs to understand how to Tumblr fully!

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