How to Host on Twitch | 2 Kickass Ways

    How to Host on Twitch

    Twitch ( is a hugely popular website for live streaming your gaming sessions or other professional gamers’ playing session. You have come to the accurate site whether you’re a gamer just beginning to take baby steps in the gaming world or you’re a gamer who is vaguely familiar with the world of gaming and is taking long explorer’s strides or you’re one who takes deep dives in the ocean of gaming like a pro. What I basically mean is that, if gaming is your thing, then this page is for you. Twitch website is your sanctuary if playing games are all that you can think of in your free time, or even in all of your time. Let’s dive right in!!!

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    What is Twitch?

    Twitch (, launched in June 2011, is a live video streaming platform, run by Twitch Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Amazon.


    Twitch is that website you go to when you, an avid gamer, an addictive gamer, a professional player, or just a novice gamer, want some enlightening on how to progress ahead in a particular game or just watch professional gamers play a game. Because, Twitch is a website, which hosts live streams of the world’s best players of popular video games. That’s why!

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    Creating a Twitch Account

    To be able to host another channel on your channel on Twitch, you definitely need to have an account and be logged in.twitch acc Go to and go to the upper right corner and first “Sign Up” and then “Log In”.

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    What does Hosting on Twitch Exactly Mean?

    When you sign up on Twitch, you get a channel by default in your Twitch account. This is the channel you use to live to stream your own gaming sessions. host on twitchBut your own channel can also be used to stream another gamer’s live stream which you think will be useful for the viewer if he tunes into your channel. This is called “Hosting a channel”, or just “Hosting”.

    How to Host on Twitch

    Now that we know what hosting is let’s get to learn about how to go about it. It’s quite a simple process to follow. Here’s how to go about it.

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    On A Web Browser on a Computer

    1. Open on a web browser and make sure you’re logged in by going to the upper right end of the screen and clicking on “Log In”. To host;web browser
    2. Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on your username.
    3. On the drop-down menu, choose “Channel”.
    4. Display your channel video along with the chat room window open on the right
    5. Enter the command /host followed by a channel name in your chat. For example, suppose you want to host the main Twitch channel. Then, in the chat room window, you will enter the command /host twitch. Your channel will now be showing the views of the hosted channel.
    6. When you want to stop hosting, just type /un host in the command window in the chat room.

    On the Twitch Mobile or iPad App

    Download and install the Twitch app on your iPhone or your iPad or your Android phone and make sure you have logged into it.

    1. Login Account, tap on your profile picture square. It is on the upper right corner for Android phones and on the top left corner for iPhones.
    2. Tap on the “Chat” tab alongside of “Info” tab, below the profile banner.
    3. Type the command /host twitch in the command window.
    4. To stop hosting, type /un host in the same command window.twitch app

    And that’s how you host another channel on your own channel, be it on a PC or on your own Android phone or iPhone!

    But educating the viewers on clearing games and levels isn’t the only use of hosting. There are quite a few utilities to it. For example, if you’re just starting out in Twitch, you could host another’s popular gamer’s live stream and get a boost to your channel’s viewership. When you have gained a sizeable following, conversely, you could help out a fresher by streaming his or her channel on your channel.

    This could boost up the viewership of their channel as well.

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    Another use that hosting can be put to is when you’re “off-the-grid”. What this means is that you’re going on vacation. For example, or to a place where internet connectivity is not reliable or maybe you just want to be away from everything internet. In such a situation, then you could tell one of your regulars. Or your friends or anyone in the network that you well to “host” your channel in your absence. They might cooperate, and you’ll see that this is a decent way to retain your followers, else they might get bored because of the low activity and eventually, stop following you seeing as there is no activity in your channel.

    Happy hosting!!!

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