3 Simple Ways To Backup Tumblr Blog [Complete Guide]


    It has become a fashion to change mobile phones. People nowadays also tend to forget the credentials of the social media they use. The aesthetic posts that they had with their account are then lost. Some Tumblr users face this problem. No matter how hard they try, it goes in vain because the process is something that is tedious. If you are a person who falls into this category, there is nothing to worry about. In this article, you will learn how to backup tumblr blog. So, in case you forget your credentials, you are not losing any of your data.

    It is important to note that you are not expected to possess any technical knowledge. The steps are pretty simple – just follow them, and then you will be able to download all tumblr posts.

    How To Backup Tumblr Blog

    Whether or not you have the problem of forgetting your credentials, you should keep a copy of your data. This will make you prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Here are some methods you can adopt if you don’t know how to backup your Tumblr blog.

    Use The Official Site Of Tumblr

    One of the simplest ways to backup your data is by using the official site of Tumblr. No technical knowledge needs to be gained before doing this process. Follow the steps in the manner it has been set in.

    Head on to the account settings of your Tumblr account. It is advised that you use the website to log in. The top of the dashboard will have a menu with the name Accounts. Once you click on that, you will get an option to go to settings. Here, do the selection of the blog you desire to export. You can export Tumblr blog from the right side of the window. Once you click on the export section, there will be an option where you will find the export along with the name of your blog. After you click that, there will be an indication that the backup of the blog is under process.

    backup using tumblr

    As soon as your data is collected, you will see an option to download the file. A ZIP file will be available for you to extract once it is downloaded. This is how to do a Tumblr blog download using the official site.

    Backing Up Tumblr Using WordPress

    Another way that can help you resolve how to backup the Tumblr blog is with the assistance of WordPress. It is vital for you to own your own WordPress.com account. Since Tumblr has been taken over by WordPress, why should you not grab this opportunity? backupMake sure that you have your blog there. Creating an account is extremely simple on WordPress. Type in your email, choose a username and password for your blog. Take up a free domain so that there are fewer complications to go through.


    After that, go to the WordPress admin, where on the left, you will get an option to Import. If you do not see Tumblr on your first page, go on to Other Importers, where you need to import from Tumblr. The moment you allow Tumblr access and connect to Tumblr and log in, you need to grant access. Importing the data will start once you do the above steps. 

    Your WordPress.com blog will have all your Tumblr posts. This is how to backup a tumblr blog via WordPress.

    Utilize A Third-Party Application

    If you are not a WordPress user, then it does not matter. There is still another way how to backup Tumblr blog posts in a jiffy. TumblThree is software created by Johanneszab to help people back up their Tumblr posts. The benefit of this platform is that it is a completely free and open backup option that is laid out. Apart from your write-ups, you can also download video and audio through Tumblr with this service.


    You can make your own download queue here and then send it out for downloading. This is an option for those people who do not have the time to sit and download every blog post one by one. This is a way how to download your Tumblr blog.


    It is now clear as to how to backup Tumblr blog. It should not take too much time for you to perform the process. Once the process is well understood, you can do it for as many blogs as you want. 

    If you are a WordPress user, then the second method would be the most suitable one for you. Rather than first downloading the ZIP file and then uploading, you can directly get the data backed up there. Since WordPress is a trustworthy source, you can rely on it and perform the backup.

    If you feel that there are too many files to download via Tumblr, you can try using the third-party app to help you out. At a time, you can download two posts. This will speed up the process, but you need to pay attention so that you do not repeat the download. This third-party app is far more user-friendly when compared to the Tumblr official backup platform. This becomes the reason why people prefer this site.

    Immediately after the backup has been completed, you should place them in a very categorized manner. This is so that you can find everything in one place. So when you want to access one of them, you do not need to hunt in 10 different places.