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These days, GIFs have become one of the most popular ways of emoting apart from smileys and texts. The GIFs are funny and hold a great connection with people being a huge part of the pop culture scene. These are often widespread use over all of the available social media and texting platforms through simple gestures. Precisely, in this article, we will talk about how to save GIFs from Twitter in using online twitter GIF downloader.

GIF is a file format and is an acronym to Graphics Interchange Format. The GIFs can be static or moving in nature. GIFs have found a strong foothold in the social media platforms as well as a part of chats and dialogues over the chat applications. Twitter is one trending place for the GIFs.

Twitter GIF Downloader

But firstly, let’s get more familiar with Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter, a platform with outrageous reach, so much that the people who use it have got a name to themselves – Twitteratti. You can follow celebs, see what they’re up to. You can build your own profile. Twitter allows you to upload content as words (140 words max), Pictures, GIF, and videos. You can appreciate/respond to someone’s “tweet” by retweeting it or commenting on it.

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How to Save GIFs from Twitter?

Twitter GIF Downloader is a web-application by 4hub is an online web-based application that allows users to download the GIFs from Twitter. These downloaded GIFs are accessible without having a working internet connection later as well. Following are the steps, to be followed to download the GIF:

  1. Copy the URL of the Twitter GIF that you want to download through the share button of the URL and copy it.
  2. Navigate to the Twitter GIF Downloader web-tool.
  3. In the blank space, paste the copied link.
  4. Press the Download button.
  5. Your favorite GIF will now download.

Frequently Asked Questions?

We understand your worries regarding the Twitter GIF Downloader. We hope the following questions help you with understanding the tool better.

What is Twitter GIF Downloader?

Twitter GIF Downloader is one of the most popular tools for downloading GIFs. As Twitter is one of the social media platforms that have trending GIFs, we all may come across a few that we like to download. Twitter GIF downloader helps us with that.

Can GIFs be downloaded from twitter?

Yes, it is possible to download GIF from Twitter. However, downloading GIFs from twitter becomes difficult. For making tweets load faster, twitter converts the GIFs to videos. However, this conversion makes downloading those GIFs to the computer difficult. It is where Twitter GIF Downloader comes to our rescue.

How do you save the GIFs downloaded from twitter to your computer?

The Twitter GIF Downloader application by 4hub is one of the easiest-to-use tools for downloading your favorite GIFs from Twitter to your computer. You have to follow the steps below: Copy the URL of the GIF you want to download. Navigate to the Twitter GIF Downloader webpage, paste the copied URL in the blank space. Next up, click on the 'Download' link

How can I download GIFs from Twitter?

To download GIFs from Twitter, navigate to the 4hub Twitter GIF Downloader page and paste the copied link of the Twitter GIF you want to download. Now you will be able to access the GIF with the download button.

Can Twitter GIF Downloader be used for Mobiles?

The Twitter GIF Downloader works well with the Twitter app as well. Thus, making it an excellent option for a web-based tool for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. To download the GIF and GIFs on mobiles: Get the URL of the GIF or GIFs to be downloaded by clicking on the 'share' option. Paste the copied URL in the blank space to download the GIF or the GIF. Click on the 'Download' button. It will direct you to a thumbnail clip.

Can I download GIFs from Twitter for free?

Yes, there is no cost of downloading your favorite GIFs off twitter. You need to copy the URL of your favorite GIF, paste it in the black space on the Twitter GIF Downloader, and hit the download button.

Where are the GIFs stored on the system after download?

The downloaded GIFs yare usually placed in the 'Downloads' folder. You can move the downloaded files to any different folder by changing the download settings. The Twitter GIF Downloader works well with the Google Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox.

How can the GIFs be downloaded on the iPhone?

To download the GIFs on your phone from the twitter, open the Twitter application, and navigate to the link you wish to download. Copy the URL of the GIF and paste it in the black space on the Twitter GIF Converter, opened in a web browser, and hit the download button. Your favorite GIF will download into your iPhone.

Does Twitter GIF downloader work for Android phones?

Since the Twitter GIF Downloader requires high optimization, it works well with Android phones as well. After entering the URL of the GIF for the download, wait for the process to complete. Thus, you can easily download your favorite GIFs to your android phone.

Will Twitter GIF Downloader contains the data of the user?

No, the Twitter GIF Downloader will not have access to the user data.

Reason why 4Hub has the best Twitter GIF Downloader?

The tool offered by 4hub is a web-based application. Thus, it is compatible with all the other operating systems, like desktop and mobile phones. The device is also capable of downloading the GIFs from twitter without any error in the downloaded GIF.

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What is the GIF quality like?

The range of quality for GIF downloads is excellent and excellent and error-free.

Why Choose 4hub Twitter GIF Downloader?

  • The GIF downloading from twitter is available for free.
  • The web-based application works exceptionally with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Besides, this website is neat and uncluttered. The navigation through the above-stated steps is pretty easy for a new user.
  • The quality of the GIF download is excellent.
  • You may use the web application through mobile phones as well, Android, Mac, and Windows phones.

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