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We have Slideshare Downloader for you to help you download the video content available on this platform. It will enable you to download from Slideshare and save it on your device.

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How to download Slideshare videos?

Follow the simple steps given below on this Slideshare downloader, and download the video you want on your device for offline viewing. 

i) Copy the URL of the video you wish to save on your device and come on this Slideshare downloader tool.

ii) Now paste this copied link in the conversion box provided on this blog. 

slideshare downloader enter video url
slideshare downloader enter video url

iii) Thereafter, press the download button placed right below the conversion box.

iv) Now, the Slideshare download online is almost complete.

check download progress
check download progress

v) The last step of this method is selecting the file format in which you want the video to be saved in. Your video is all set!

choose file format
choose file format

This Slideshare downloader allows you to download the files in the format that you want if this does not take more than a few minutes of your time. This is the most efficient and time-saving tool that you can find online. This Slideshare presentation download tool will help you save all the content you need while studying to be saved at the same place. 

You may now have numerous reservations about the Slideshare downloader or even about the Slideshare platform in general. You can look at a list of frequently asked questions and their answers that we have compiled for you.

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About Slideshare Downloader

Education has been revolutionized with the help of digital content. There are tons of free resources online that help you study any topic you desire free of cost. This has changed the ways students study these, and old traditional methods are no longer seen. Presentations or videos explaining concepts are the most popular ones since they clarify things and help the students visualize.

slideshare downloader home page
slideshare downloader home page

There are many platforms where students like to study a topic collaboratively. This helps everyone gain more insights on a specific topic. One such platform is called Slideshare. On this platform, various people share their ppts or video content in the form of a presentation. It is entirely free of cost, which makes it available to everyone. Your Slideshare downloads can help you revise those ppts anytime you wish to.

For doing this, you just need the URL of the video and follow the steps given below. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is an online platform where everyone shares informative and educational presentations. It is the largest and most popular presentation-sharing platform that is available. It is beneficial for finding ppts and collecting data about a specific topic.

What is Slideshare downloader?

It is an online tool that will help Slideshare download online content offline on your device permanently to view it anytime you wish. This is done just with the help of the URL of the video.

How does Slideshare downloader work?

Slideshare downloader helps you download the video by just asking you to paste the link of that video in the conversion box provided. After that, you may download the video file in your desired format.

What is the best way to download videos from Slideshare?

A URL will be available for the specific video content available on Slideshare. Get a hold of that link of the content you're looking for, copy it, and paste it into the conversion bar on this website. Then, you'll see an option to download the fetched file from the provided link.

Can I use Slideshare downloader to download videos on Android?

Yes, the Slideshare downloader is ideal for usage on an Android smartphone. Open Slideshare and share a link to this downloader, and your video will be ready to download immediately.

Is using the Slideshare Downloader safe?

Yes, this downloader employs HTTPS encryption and stores no user data. Therefore it's perfectly secure to use, and there are no privacy concerns.

Is this Slideshare downloader available for free?

Yes, this downloader tool is completely free, and you may get your video downloaded here from Slideshare free of cost.

Is it possible to download the video from Slideshare to my laptop?

Without a doubt! All you have to do is open our Slideshare downloader link on the device where you want to save the video and follow the instructions using the URL, and Slideshare Downloader will download the video for you. You may use the exact instructions on your phone and computer.

What Makes our Slideshare Downloader Unique and Ideal for you?

You may come across some similar programs or tools online, and you may question which is the most reliable and effective. So, the reasons why we believe our product is the ideal fit for you and your needs, serving you in a highly convenient manner are as follows:

why to go for slideshare downloader

  • It is completely free and allows you to download videos with minimal effort.
  • You are entitled to unlimited service.
  • It enables you to download files in a variety of formats.
  • Simple to use and comprehend, follow the above instructions in order, and download your video. 
  • A very efficient and time-saving tool.

Download The Video From Here!


You can now download all the videos you wanted from Slideshare and organize them on your device for further use and reference. Hope this blog simplified everything and made you understand the steps clearly. You can now watch all videos offline without any restrictions. There is now no barrier for you while using this platform.

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We’ve designed this tool keeping in mind all your educational needs and how it can best serve you. The only purpose for establishing it is to make your Slideshare usage journey effortless. Please share it with your friends or anyone you know using Slideshare and make this task easier for them too!

Happy Streaming!