How to Post Music On Spotify [Complete Guide]

    how to post music on spotify

    When one thinks of online platforms for streaming music, Spotify is the first one that comes to mind. Spotify is one of the best applications out there to download or stream your favorite songs, podcasts, etc. You can download Spotify and also download Spotify playlist for free. But, have you ever wondered how to post music on Spotify?

    The songs and podcasts that Spotify hosts span across multiple genres so that you can stay rest assured that you will find your favorites. The application also allows you to discover new music by curating playlists based on your music preferences. That being said, Spotify can also act as a great platform to develop a fanbase if you wish to pursue music. if you are interested to know about burning CDs from Spotify, click here!

    You could perhaps even be a new artist looking to expand your following. It is unquestionably the best way to get music on Spotify for your fans. Plus, you can certainly expect tremendous growth in your outreach too. So now the main question arises, How to post music on Spotify? Well, the answer is pretty simple, and we will be guiding you throughout the process. 

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    Ways to post Music on Spotify

    For starters, a common Spotify user account doesn’t give you the right to upload your content, unlike SoundCloud. To put music on Spotify, you will have to go through a DSP, Digital Service Provider. The purpose of a DSP is to distribute your content to various online streaming platforms like Apple Music, iHeartRadio, and of course, Spotify. However, there is a catch. You need to pay a fee to have your content uploaded. However, you will also receive royalties depending on how many times your track has been played. Therefore, if your content is well-received by the audience, you could widen your fanbase as well as make some profit while at it. spotify

    Some things to take into account when approaching a DSP- some work on an invitation basis, and some require you to fill an application form. Your selection depends mainly on the quality of your music and the size of the audience for it that can be expected. 

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    The Best DSPs Uploaded Content On Spotify


    You must be wondering how to upload music to Spotify for free?. Well, this is where RouteNote steps in. This is the only DSP on our list that allows you to upload to Spotify free of charge. Additionally, this DSP can also upload your content on 19 other online music streaming platforms. Therefore, you can definitely expect a significant rise in your fan following.


    The only issue with this DSP is that they’re only liable to pay you 85% of your total profit. If you wish to get 100% of the profit, a fee is required to be paid. The upside here is that you get to test the waters before going all in and spending money on the cost. This DSP is the best answer to the ‘how to post music on Spotify’ question. 


    This DSP charges a nominal fee with various packages to pick from. The price varies depending on the package you choose and needs a renewal every year. When it comes to distributing your music, this DSP is one step ahead. It not only distributes your music to Spotify but also other popular streaming platforms like Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc.


    Some additional features include 100% ownership of your music, access to Apple Music trend reports, free media player, etc. It is undeniably worth the money if you really want to promote yourself on the most popular online streaming platforms. 

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    AWAL (Artists Without A Label) gives an artist all the benefits of being signed to a particular label without giving up your music rights. Music can be posted to Spotify as well as other streaming platforms. However, there are some downsides. The first is that they take 15% of all royalties, and the second, you need to apply to get in. This site is also brilliant for promoting your music.


    The best part of AWAL is that it gives you the benefit of playlist promotion. Having your music end up on community playlists, a place for people to discover music can do wonders. If they see potential in you, there are high chances to receive funding too. 


    If you’re wondering, can you upload music to Spotify on a shoestring budget? The answer is yes! This brings us to our next DSP in our how-to post music on Spotify guide, LANDR. This DSP takes a monthly fee and allows you to distribute as much content as you wish.


    You can head over to their website to check out their prices based on the tenure. If you’re on a budget, they offer cheaper options too. LANDR also gives a mastering service to its users. However, keep in mind that it is automated. 

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    Believe Digital 

    The final DSP on our list is Believe Digital. Like AWAL, This DSP requires you to fill an application form after which you may or may not be accepted. This service doesn’t support as many artists as the other DSPs on our list. However, when it comes to taking a percentage of your profits, they are willing to broker a deal with you. Therefore, there is no standard cut on profits.

    believe digital

    They also offer track promotion services to help get you out there, along with services like licensing and branding. This DSP is also great if you’re looking to get brand collaborations. This service is more than just uploading your content onto Spotify. It offers everything you need to pursue your dream to become a well-known artist. 


    So here’s how to post music on Spotify. The process is pretty simple, and depending upon your requirement, you have various DSPs to pick from. All you need to do at present is focused on producing quality content, and you’re already one step closer to realizing your dream! 

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