How to Get Verified on Instagram | Complete Guide for 2023

    How to Get Verified on Instagram

    Instagram, launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS before being released for Android and Windows phones, is a social networking app purely for the purpose of sharing photos and videos. The users can upload pictures and videos with various filters and tags and location information by means of using the app. It gained wide popularity fast, and in April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram. You can also add “stories” to your Instagram account which are like a live update or a broadcast. These eventually expire after 24 hours. Instagram has its own lingo too. While out for dinner, or on a trip and taking photos, we say “One for the Gram!”, meaning “Now, let’s take one photo for Instagram!”. Now that we know what Instagram is, let’s learn how to get verified on Instagram?

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    Creating an Instagram Account

    Creating an account on Instagram is quite easy. Here’s you do it. Go to You can either use your Facebook Login as your Instagram Login if you have a Facebook account and are willing to link it to your Instagram account. Of course, it won’t post anything on Instagram without your permission. instagramIf you want the two accounts to be mutually exclusive, then:

    1. Go to
    2. You will find spaces to enter details. Enter your mobile number or your email ID (as you feel comfortable)
    3. Enter your Full name
    4. Type in a username (the uniqueness of which it will tell you right away)
    5. Enter a strong password for yourself.
    6. Click on Sign Up.

    And you’re good to go on Instagram!

    Visit: Instagram

    What is a Verified Badge on Instagram?

    Accounts of public figures, celebrities, and global brands always stand the threat of being impersonated. verfied badgeA verified badge adds a small blue badge next to their name in search and also on their profile, so that anyone on the Instagram community, who searches for their profile on it, finds the authentic, verified account of that person or that brand.

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    What are the Conditions to Apply for a Verified Badge on Instagram?

    Instagram looks at several factors while evaluating your account before it adjudges the account as worth having a verified badge and if it meets their validation criteria:

    1. Authenticity: Instagram will check your profile for its authenticity, whether it really is the person that it says it is.
    2. Unique: The account must be the unusual presence of a person or the business built. What it means is that only one account per person or business will be verified.
    3. Complete: The account must be “Public”, have a bio, a profile picture, and have made at least one post since the creation of the profile. It also must not contain “add me” links to other social media services.public profile
    4. Notable: Quite an important one, the account must represent a well-known, frequently searched for or “Googled” for brand or product or entity. A lot of news sources articles are referred to and paid, or promotional content is not considered for evaluation by Instagram.

    How to Apply for a Verified Badge on Instagram

    So, you’re done creating an account on it, and you want to apply for a verified badge. Here’s how you apply for a verified badge. Open the Instagram app on your phone and follow these steps:

    • Log into your account that you’re requesting a verified badge for.
    • On the lower extreme right side, click on your profile icon.
    • On the upper right extreme, hit the icon that looks like three horizontal parallel lines, then goes to “Settings” on the lower part of the screen.
    • Go to “Account” and scroll through the options until you find “Request Verification”.
    • Click on it and the “Apply for Instagram verification” form opens up.

    request verification

    • Your username appears by default, enter your full name, enter a “Known As” and then enter the category which you are known the most for.
    • Next, you need to attach a photo of a government-issued photo ID that has your name and your date of birth like a driver’s license, passport, or a national identification card. It could also be a photo of official business documents like a tax filing form or any utility bill of telephone or TV or an article of incorporation, etc.

    attach govt ID

    • Click on “Send,” and you will receive confirmation of your request being sent.

    And there you go! You have successfully applied for a verified badge.

    What now, after I Have Applied for a Verified Badge on Instagram?

    You’ve put in a request for the verification badge. What now? What does the further procedure entail? Here’s what you got to do next.verified

    Saying whether or not your request has been evaluated, you receive a notification. If your request is denied, then you can make a new request after 30 days.

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    What to Keep in Mind Regarding the Instagram Verified Badge?

    Having a verified badge next to your account name or your business name lends an absolute authenticity and a particular certification to it. Yeah, it is definitely sunglasses-emoji cool!!! But you might want to keep a couple of things in mind.

    1. Instagram claims that they never demand any kind of payment for verification or ask you to confirm your confirmation.
    2. If you provide false or misleading information while the verification is going on, then the verified badge maybe even withdrawn, and additional action may be taken to delete your account.misinformation
    3. Instagram also claims to reserve the right to strip your account of verified badges anytime, if you advertise, transfer or attempt to sell your badge, use your profile picture or your bio to sell other services or if you also attempt to verify your account through a third party.

    So that’s how one gets a nice cool badge next to their name or their business’s name on their Instagram account.

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    Getting a verified badge can sure seem cool and certified and classy. However, there are other ways to let people know that your account is an authentic one if you don’t have a verified badge. You can think of linking your Instagram account with another social website account of yours like your Facebook account or your Twitter or your YouTube account.

    Keep ‘gramming!!!!

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