How To Exclude Pinterest From Google Search? [Complete Guide]

    Over the years, Pinterest has gathered a lot of popularity. It is used as the basis for millions of ideas all over the world. You can find everything there – from daily planners to dressing ideas to aesthetic captions – you name it, and you will find it. But, of course, it is up to you how you want the board to be set. The pictures or videos that you put up there can either be of one type, or they can be set color-wise. Read this article totally to get a complete guide on how to exclude pinterest from google search.

    No matter how amazing Pinterest is, sometimes you might find it irritating when it comes every time you conduct a Google search. This might happen because you use Pinterest frequently, and it happens at times. It is nothing to worry about – it is an extremely common thing that happens.

    This does not mean that you cannot fix it. Also, it is not a problem when this thing occurs – it just shows that you have used Pinterest more than any other site. 

    Now let’s discuss to know how to exclude pinterest from google search. All that you need to do is read the article properly first. This will help you to avoid any silly errors that can occur. Only after you have understood how to block pinterest from google search should you take up things in your hand and proceed. Although coding is not involved, you should focus and then proceed.

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    How To Exclude Pinterest From Google Search

    Before we proceed further, you need to understand that you can use two techniques. Both of these methods have been presented below for you to refer to. You can choose either of them to take care of what you want. It depends on how you want the search results to appear. So, you need to understand both techniques before you proceed to do things. Once that is done, you can then proceed with either of the techniques.


    To know how to exclude pinterest from Google search, you can take advantage of an application that exists. This application is known as Uninterested. As the name suggests, your Google search will then block Pinterest, and you will no longer see any images from Pinterest. You will have to use this as an extension for getting Pinterest off your Google search results. Just download it and add it to your Google extensions that are generally on the top right corner. This application is completely free on the Google Chrome Store. Make sure that you add the site Pinterest here so that you can get rid of it here.


    This process is extremely easy and happens quickly. All you need to do is download the application and then see that you have put Pinterest in the excluded section.

    Visit: Unpinterested

    The Complicated Method

    This technique that has been presented is a complicated little one in regards to how to exclude Pinterest from google search permanently. You will have to spend some time filtering out the things you do not want to appear in your search manually. The only problem is that it is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. So, you will take more time here rather than using the application mentioned in technique 1. Here you will have the choice to filter out exactly what you do not want. This is not something that you can enjoy when you use the application to block out Pinterest from Google.pinterest

    The thing that is important for you to note is the search will only block the site that is searched from the address bar. In case you search for the Google search box, the blocked sites will still appear. Although you do know how to remove Pinterest from google search, you mustn’t forget about this.

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    Now you understand how to exclude Pinterest from google search is something that you can easily do. The methods that have been presented here do not expect you to be any technical expert. The only thing that you mandatorily need to be done is to follow the steps in the order they have been put forward in. This will be the easiest way for you to perform what you wish to.

    If you block Pinterest from Google, you can still access it via the application that you have on your phone. In case you ever feel like using it, you can do it via the application. 

    Sometimes you might want to perform comprehensive research for your work. So, Pinterest would have to be removed from Google search to perform this extensive research.

    So, if you exclude Pinterest from Google search permanently, can you never get it back?

    Well, you will have to do a lot of craftwork to get it back. Also, you can use the Google search bar to get access, but this is not always to be relied on. It may, or it may not always help you to get to access Pinterest