2 Easy Ways to Know How to Change Your Name on Facebook

    How to Change Your Name on Facebook

    Facebook is the exclusive website on which, it would be a safe bet to claim, that anyone is a part of, or at least to have been once upon a time. Facebook has an unbelievable outreach, and filled with immense possibilities, the iceberg, the tip of which is only being scratched. It has the potential to be exploited in any which way you deem fit (of course, within reason and without being obnoxious and obscene) and, rest assured. It will not fail you.

    It has even developed into an extremely powerful marketing tool for your products or your company or vacancies in a company, etc. It is the perfect tool to get the word around if you want to create a page for your small business of baking cookies or muffins or of your automobile servicing or repair shop. Never mind the controversy it seems to find itself in constantly, it is and shall remain powerful for the times to come.

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    What is Facebook?

    Facebook is .. Wait a minute! Does it even need any introduction? Right. It doesn’t. But I am just going to go on and say a few words, nonetheless. So, Facebook is one of the first extremely successful and still going secure social websites. It’s all about connecting with your friends, staying connected with them even if they have moved away from you and being updated about all that’s going on in their lives. Let’s move on to creating an account on Facebook and being a part of it.

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    Creating a Facebook Account

    Creating an account on Facebook is as simple as can be. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ and the page that opens is “Create a new account”. Now, enter your First name, Last name (Both mandatory), an email ID or your phone number (as per your preference) and a secure password for login (doesn’t have to be same as your email password). That’s it; you’re now a member on Facebook!

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    How to Change Your Name on Facebook

    So, you’re done creating an account on Facebook. But somewhere along the way, you feel the need to change your name on Facebook. Reasons could be numerable like an official change of name, or marriage, or divorce, or just an understandable wish or a fantasy to have a very unique name on Facebook, or to add the name of your start-up or your book or your innovation next to your name to arouse the curiosity of your followers on Facebook. After all, change your name on Facebook doesn’t exactly have to match your official identity documents.

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    So, how do you go about change your name on Facebook? It’s really no big deal. Here are a few ways to do it:

    On a Web Browser on a Computer

    • Open any web browser on your computer (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera) and enter https://www.facebook.com/ in the address bar.
    • Enter your email ID/phone number and your password to login into your account. You are taken to your home page, where you receive updates from your friends, groups that you’re a member of, and the pages that you have “Liked”. On the extreme upper right corner, you will find a DOWN ARROW icon.

    Facebook Account Settings

    • In the drop-down menu, choose “Settings”. The first thing that opens is “General Account Settings,” and here, the first detail that is shown is “Name”. In the same row, on the right side, you will find “Edit”. Click on it, and you are free to change your name.
    • You are then given a chance to “Review your Changes”. Select the suitable option and enter the password to accept and “Save the changes”. Something to bear in mind is that once changed. One cannot change their name for 60 days. So think before you make the change and be careful what you change it to.

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    On the Facebook Mobile or Tablet  App

    • Open your Facebook on your Android or Windows phone or your iPhone or even your iPad or tablet.
    • On the above right side of the home screen of the app, you’ll find an icon that looks like three parallel lines. Touch it to go to a list of options and scroll down till you see the option “Settings & Privacy”.
    • Choose it, then “Settings” and then, go to “Personal Information” and then choose “Name”.

    change your name on facebook app

    • Make the necessary changes and, here too, you can review your changes. Again, you can’t make changes to your name for the next 60 days.


    So, those are the means for you to change your Facebook name. So whether it is a change in the marital status or it is an official name change, or you want to change it as a marketing gimmick, you now are aware of how to improve your name on Facebook. However, do keep in mind that the change is permanent at least for 60 days. You might want to give the name change a good thought before making that change!!!

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