Get FLV Downloader Extension On Chrome [Step by Step Guide]

    flv downloader
    flv downloader

    If you want to download FLV files on Chrome, this article is for you. It will cover how to download FLV files with Chrome and the best FLV video downloader available today.

    We also provide a complete guide for downloading FLV with Chrome which includes topics like:

    • How to install FLV Video Downloader on Google Chrome?
    • How to use FLV Video Downloader Extensions?
    • What are the benefits of using an extension over browser plugins?

    The article also covers some frequently asked questions about FLV downloads in detail so that there’s no confusion before you start downloading your favorite videos from YouTube or other sites. You’ll be able to find out everything you need here.

    Before we move on, let’s look at what exactly an FLV file is. ​

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    What is an FLV File?

    FLV stands for ‘Flash Video.’ It is a proprietary multimedia container file format for streaming video, mainly on the popular Adobe Flash platform. FLV files are generally produced and used with Adobe Flash players on internet websites.

    What is FLV Downloader?

    FLV Video Downloader (FLV download) is a free software application that can download FLV files from internet sites that provide FLV videos, such as YouTube.

    The FLV downloader software is available in a browser extension/plugin that can be easily installed on popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    FLV Video Downloader will help you download FLV files faster and easier than other FLV download software.

    It also comes with an FLV converter that allows you to convert FLV files to other popular formats like fl to mp4, avi, mpg, etc.

    The extension is your best choice when it comes to FLV video downloads. 

    It allows you to download FLV files and FLV videos with ease. You just need to install the FLV downloader extension for Chrome or the FLV downloader firefox plugin. Then you will be able to download FLV file from any video-sharing site like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

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    How To Download FLV With Chrome and How to use it

    Let’s now take an in-depth look at FLV downloads with Chrome.  

    Here are step-by-step instructions to download FLV files on Google Chrome:

    STEP 1

    Install FLV Video Downloader extension for Chrome from the FLV download extensions page. 

    google download
    google download

    The FLV downloader plugin is available as a browser extension for FLV downloads in Chrome. You can get the FLV downloader plugin from

    STEP 2

    After installing, there will be an FLV download toolbar at the right-hand side of your browser window. 

    flv video url
    flv video url

    Click on the FLV Video Download button, paste the FLV video URL in the box, and hit the download FLV button to download the FLV file. Alternatively, you can also click the ‘ File ‘ menu and choose the FLV video download option from there.

    STEP 3

    After clicking on FLV video download, the conversion process will begin automatically. 

    flv converter
    flv converter

    The FLV converter downloads FLV videos of the desired format. It will ask you to choose the FLV format with quality. Choose the file format according to your need and start FLV video download.

    STEP 4

    You can choose the FLV converter option from the toolbar or the FLV downloads option from the menu to convert FLV videos.  

    You will see an option of FLV video converter after that FLV video download process. Just click the FLV video converter and start FLV to FLV conversion.

    The converter also allows download with mp4 and other formats. 

    select output format
    select output format

    You can choose the file format you want from ‘ Output Format.’ Click on the convert FLV button, and FLV video download will start.

    STEP 5

    You can also use the FLV downloader website for FLV downloads.  

    Just open, paste the FLV file URL in the box, and click on FLV download to start the FLV file download process. 


    You can also choose the FLV format for FLV download if the FLV format box is present. AFTER ADDING THE FLV URL TO THE BOX, the FLV converter will automatically start the FLV file download process.

    STEP 6


    After the FLV video conversion process is completed, a notification will be given on the toolbar on the right-hand side of the browser window.

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    What are The Benefits of Using an Extension Over Browser Plugins?

    The FLV downloader extension has some advantages over FLV plugins.

    First of all, FLV plugins are deprecated in most browsers now.  

    Secondly, FLV downloader extensions are much faster than FLV video downloaders, even on low-end PCs, because they use the same fast FLV converter that’s used behind the scenes to FLV videos FLV converter.  

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    Frequently asked questions about FLV downloaders on Chrome

    What FLV formats can FLV video downloads play?

    FLV is a proprietary format, so they are only available using flv players. In contrast, you can convert Flv files to mp4, avi, and mpg for playing on other devices.

    Is FLV downloader legal?

    Flv videos are not illegal, so FLV downloads are also not unlawful. However, downloading copyrighted content may be an issue for websites like Dailymotion and YouTube (the former has flv download disabled). So flv video downloader extensions like FLV downloader for firefox or FLVdownloader chrome comes in handy here.

    How does FLV downloads FLV from websites?

    The FLV converter that FLV downloader runs as a background process intercepts the flv video URL and sends it to; FLV downloads the FLV file for you. This way, no data is transferred through your browser, so there is no speed issue.

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    FLV video downloader plugins and FLV extensions come with their own set of benefits. We hope this article has helped you.

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