Download Tudou Videos | A Complete Guide

This is a complete guide on how to download tudou videos. Right now, in 2023, we have so many online video platforms based on public or private streaming, video sharing, live video sharing, and many other types. For example, YouTube, Vimeo, Wista, Facebook, etc.


But, if you are from the 90s’ or early 2000s’ you might have heard about the Tudou video downloader before, and if you haven’t, we are here to guide you.

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What is Tudou Video Downloader

Suppose you came across this name for the first time. In that case, Tudou Video Downloader is a Chinese online video-sharing website located in Shanghai, China, under the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Tudou, Inc. first appeared online in 2005. Tudou Video Downloader is one of the earliest video platforms in the world, and it shares around 55 million videos online daily.

It gave the facility the user to view, share and upload video clips online. The playback technology of Tudou Video Downloader is Macromedia’s Flash Player. Videos on this site were filled with the quality compared to other playback technologies of that time. Tudou videos supports .WMV, .AVI, .MPEG and .MP4 formats. 

Some Tudou videos are filed against copyright issues on various IP addresses. The current owner of this site is Youku.

How to Download Tudou Videos

Here I will tell you the steps of how to download videos from Tudou and how to convert them into MP4.

  1. First of all, copy the Tudou URL in the browser.
  2. Add the URL of your Tudou’s video.
  3. It will be downloaded automatically into your device to watch offline.
  4. After downloading, click on the download button to save the video.

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What to do if I have trouble downloading Tudou videos online?

If Tudou Video Downloader is not working properly, you can use the screen recording app to save video clips.

How can I play saved Tudou videos?

Tudou Video Downloader will download videos directly from, and you can watch downloaded clips on your device.

How to share Tudou videos?

It might cause problems if you directly share Tudou videos on any social networking site. Try downloading the video and then share the Tudou videos with your friends.

Is legal?

It is legal to use You can download copyright-friendly videos; however, for some protected videos, you will need to ask permission from the original owner of the video.

How to upload my content on

If you want to upload any content to this Website, follow these steps: Select the content file. Upload and fill in the required information. Select the file and agree to all the terms and conditions. Upload button.

What is Tudou Video Downloader?

Tudou video downloader will let you download videos, movies, and other high-quality content for free!!!

How to convert Tudou videos?

If You want to convert Tudou videos, then the 4hub video converter is here for your help. Copy the Tudou video link. Open the browser and search the 4Hub Website. Insert the video link in the dialogue box. It will be ready to download the video in whatever format you want.

How to download Tudou videos on iPhone?

To download Tudou videos on your iPhone, you must copy the link of your desired video and paste it onto the Tudou video downloader.

How to download Tudou videos on Android?

Copy the URL of a Tudou video and paste it onto the dialogue box and click download to save them on your Android device.

How does Tudou Video Downloader work?

Tudou video downloader is one web app to download any kind of video from Tudou. To download, copy the link and paste it on our site; it will be ready to download.

How to save Tudou videos?

Open Tudou and copy the link to your desired video. Paste it on the Tudou video downloader and click on 'Download' to save.

Where to locate downloaded Tudou videos?

To see the location of your Tudou video, open your browser and go to downloads. You will be able to see all your Tudou videos there.

Is it safe to use Tudou Video Downloader?

Yes, it is safe to use Tudou Video Downloader. Since it uses HTTPS encrypted method to download your videos, it can access any data from your devices.

Why use 4Hub to download Tudou Videos?

Our Tudou Video Downloader will provide you with High-Speed and quality download for your iOS and Android for Free!! Downloading process will be super quick with our One Click Download option.

How many formats are supported to download Tudou videos?

Our site will let you download the Tudou video in audio format like mp3, M4A, AAC, etc., and video format like mp4, MKV, MOV, etc.


To sum up, Tudou Video Downloader is one of the oldest platforms to download videos from in all high-quality formats and share them. So, now you know what Tudou Video Downloader is and how you can download videos from it.

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