3 Hassle-free Ways to Cancel Scribd for Android and iOS Users

    Cancel Scribd
    Cancel Scribd

    Geeks or no geeks, we all need bookish knowledge. Whether it’s our course books, magazines of some kind, or novels!! Being a book lover, I can tell you that there’s no good enough substitute for physical books. For some comfort factors, we have a kindle and some applications or Pages on Facebook which help you to access books at some rate. One of these applications is Scribd. In this article, we will discuss the three hassle-free ways to cancel Scribd.

    Scribd is a subscription-based app that boasts of being the best digital site for everything bookish. It has got a considerable number of loyal users. But sometimes, as it happens, one may want to discontinue the subscription. 

    If we talk about students using it for the course, maybe they don’t need that stuff anymore.

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    If you read magazines or novels, maybe you want to take a break. Or perhaps you’re just broke, like most of us are.

    So, can you cancel Scribd? Of course, you can.

    Cancel Scribd

    Things to Keep in Mind 

    But before that, let’s know some things which often create confusion among the users.

    The problem is that they get confused between canceling, deleting the app, and pausing the subscription.

    Firstly, canceling or pausing or deleting applications are three very different things. Pausing the plan or deleting the app won’t stop your money from getting deducted.

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    To cancel Scribd means to cancel everything, all the related services. You cannot read any of the stuff if you decide to cancel the Scribd subscription. No more latest editions of vogue, no more new releases, etc. That is all of what you lose if you decide to cancel Scribd. 

    On the contrary, pausing pauses the plan for a period you specify. If you have specified 15 days, then once that time is complete, you’ll have to pay again.

    no more reading

    Also, getting the app out of the way, with you still having the subscription, won’t make a difference.

    You can subscribe to Scribd aiding various apps, and it is available on Android and Apple devices.

    The modes to cancel Scribd include fortumo, cards, PayPal, etc. We’re talking about how to cancel Scribd. So why am I telling you the modes? That is because you need to know your mode of subscription before actually starting to cancel Scribd. Fancy!!

    Ways to Cancel Scribd

    If you don’t want scribd anymore, and looking to cancel Scribd, then here is how you can do it with some hassle-free ways.

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    For Android Users

    If you’ve got a smartphone with an android operating system, then you should be using the Google play store for most of the downloading. In that case, do the following to cancel Scribd subscription:

    • Open your google play store. Log into your account, that, if you already haven’t. Now, there is a small button on the top left, shaped like three horizontal bars, click it.
    • You’ll have several options in the form of menus. There will be an option for subscriptions.


    • Click on whichever you want to cancel, Scribd, in our case.
    • Click the cancel option.

    Boom!! You’ve saved a few dollars.

    Another important notice. Scribd does not discontinue your plan, the minute you click on that cancel button. You get to exhaust it for the remaining duration. That means you’ll get the whole 30-days subscription, even if you did cancel early. That is a big bonus!!

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    For Apple Users 

    If you’re a proud possessor of an iPhone, using iTunes to handle your applications, then do the following to cancel Scribd.

    • Open the app store and Itunes on your phone by searching through the settings.
    • Login by filling up your user id and passkey. You can’t proceed without doing it, so it’s better to get done with it.
    • Locate the option that says subscriptions.


    • Click and choose “Scribd.”
    • Hit the button that is labeled with a Cancel subscription to cancel Scribd subscription.

    That is pretty easy if you ask me, people behind apple do know what they’re doing.

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    Using Debit/Credit Card, PayPal

    Below is the procedure for how you can cancel Scribd plans if you used modes like debit/credit card, PayPal, etc.

    1. Visit Scribd, which is their official website. Log into your account, after which, go to the portion hosting settings. Once there, you have to choose the “end my membership” option. It is mostly the same as above, but in some cases, something else might be written.
    2. Cancel your plans, by looking out for the option, under the one called payment and membership to cancel Scribd.
    3. You’ll receive acknowledgments when the process starts and when it completes. These acknowledgments are usually in the form of e-mails.

    Credit card paypal

    To cancel the Scribd subscription, when you acquired it using fortumo, you can visit their website. That is where you’ll get apt guidance for the same.


    That was all related to how you can manage to cancel Scribd. You can go for any of these based on how you acquired Scribd in the first place. That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more!!

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