How To Burn CD From Spotify | Simple Actionable Guide

    burn cd from spotify

    Music has become one of the essential and therapeutic parts of our lives. While studying, driving, or even bathing, we all love bopping to some fresh tunes! Most of us might be using Spotify or some other streaming platform for listening to music. If you are wondering, ‘Can you burn music from Spotify?’. Well, the answer is yes! You can make a customized playlist and add all the songs to a CD!

    Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the market today. But, downloading our favorite songs directly to the device from the Spotify app is a problem. Imagine that you are traveling through some remote hill station and want to play your favorite indie-pop playlist, but then you suddenly remember that you can’t! It’s because Spotify (Free) doesn’t play songs without a mobile network connection!

    burn spotify music to cd

    This provides a significant advantage over radios, as this will be your personalized playlist. Given below are three easy steps through which you can burn a CD from Spotify. But before you burn music from Spotify, take a look at the requirements given below.

    Requirements To Burn CD From Spotify

    • A PC– You need a laptop/desktop with disc drives
    • Blank CD Disk– IT’s preferred to have a CD-RW or CD+RW disc because you can write on it multiple times.
    • CD Burner– CDs can be burned using software like Windows Media Player easily.
    • Spotify account– If you are a free user or a premium Spotify user, you won’t be able to download the music outside the app either way.
    • Spotify Music Converter– It is well and good if you have a Spotify music converter installed on your PC. But if you don’t, read on below.  

    Convert Your Spotify Songs/Playlists into MP3:

    You already know you can’t download songs from Spotify outside the app. Hence, you’re supposed to use a Spotify music to MP3 converter. There are plenty of such converters. If you already have a converter app on your PC, then skip to the next paragraph. Else, click here to download the app.spotify

    Follow the steps given below:

    • Open the converter app you just downloaded and click on the symbol to drag and drop the music to the adding area.
    • Now, you can click on the settings icon to alter any options before downloading the songs, like quality or format. After you are done with the adjustments, press on the cancel icon of the settings window.
    • After pressing the ‘Convert’ button, you are good to go! The music converter will download the songs.

    Burn Spotify Playlist To CD:

    Copy music with the help of Windows Media Player (WMP):

    • Open the disk tray of your PC and then insert a CD into it.
    • Launch Windows Media Player (WMP) by searching it.
    • At the right side of the window, you see an option named ‘Burn.’ Press on it.

    burn cd using windows media player

    • Then, you are supposed to drag your desired songs into the Burn list and drop them there.
    • At the top left corner, you will find an option that says ‘Start Burn.’ Click on it.

    Copy Music With The Help Of VLC Media Player:

    • Open VLC Media Player by searching it in the search bar.
    • Now, make a new playlist to save your desired Spotify music. Then drag and drop the songs into the Playlist area.
    • Then, press on ‘Media’ and then ‘Convert/Save.’
    • Now select ‘Disk’ and insert the audio CD into the disk tray of your PC.
    • Select ‘Audio CD’ and ‘Browse.’ Now click on the CD/DVD and press ‘Convert/Save.’
    • Use the ‘Browse’ function to choose the folder into which the songs will go.

    Now your personalized playlist of songs is ready! You can make playlists that suit your mood board wherever you go!

    copy music using vlc

    But you might wonder why it doesn’t Spotify let its users download /burn the music into the CD directly. It is mainly because the company was built on providing compensation to the artists who agreed to put their music on Spotify. This way, they could give free music to the people while also letting the artists get profited. The artists are paid based on the number of streams they receive on their discography. But through a CD or any other storage device, they won’t be able to keep track of how many streams each artist gets. This is a violation of the million-dollar contracts they have with the record labels of the artists.


    Do I have to pay to get songs from Spotify?

    No! You need not pay for the songs as the music converter you will be using is free of cost. This method of downloading music does not require you to be a premium account user.

    Is it safe to convert music?

    Yes! The converters are secure to use.

    What are the requirements to copy music from Spotify to CD?

    You need a PC, blank CD, CD burner, Spotify account

    Can I download music from Spotify?

    The answer is yes and no. You can download songs in the app itself if you are a premium account user. You cannot download if you use a free account. However, you can convert music to MP3 files using third-party converter apps.


    Now, you must have easily understood how you can burn music from Spotify to a CD. It is an easy process involving two steps. You can use the CD anywhere and enjoy the music.